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Procedure for review

1. At least two independent, outside reviewers are commissioned to assess each publication.
2. The employed solution is based on a model in which the author and the reviewers do not know each other's identity.
3. In other solutions, the reviewer signs a declaration stating that there is no conflict of interest, defined as presence of the following between the reviewer and the author:

  • direct personal relations (kinship, legal ties, conflict),

  • professional, reporting-based correlations,

  • direct scientific co-operation within two years prior to review preparation.

4. The review is issued in a written form and concludes with an unequivocal statement of rejection or acceptance for publication.
5. The review form is made available on journal's web site or in every issue of the journal
6. Reviewer names of individual publications/numbers are not disclosed, once a year the journal publishes a list of co-operating reviewers.

Review form

Institute of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology - Department of Marine Power Plants, GdaƄsk
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